When you join our rewards program, you earn cash back by swiping your credit or debit card. It's easy. Just connect a card to your account and you'll earn rewards every time you make a purchase--there are no coupons, points, or anything extra to carry. And we'll track your progress for you by updating your rewards account with every swipe. You'll also get access to exclusive offers that are only available to our members.

Our rewards program, powered by Spring
In your account updates, you'll notice that our rewards program is powered by Spring, the world's simplest loyalty and rewards program. You'll love using it--you just connect, swipe and save. If you have any questions about Spring, please visit springrewards.com.

My Connected Cards

Why do I need to connect my card with the rewards program?

We need you to connect your credit or debit card information so that we can track the transactions you make, to keep your rewards progress up to date and also let you know when you've earned cash back from Spring. Most importantly, we need your card information so we can put cash back on it!

Where do you store my credit or debit card number?

Similar to eBay, Amazon and others, your card data is safe and encrypted. Our rewards program is PCI compliant and has the strongest possible security rating. Keeping your financial information private is essential to our business, so we have taken every possible measure to ensure that our systems are secure.

How is my card information secure?

All of your credit card information is encrypted with bank-grade security measures. In addition, our rewards program undergoes rigorous security reviews on a regular basis to ensure our systems – and your information – is safe and secure. By partnering with Trustwave, a third-party security firm, we're able to remain at the forefront of data security technology to ensure that our data is protected.

What cards work with our rewards program?

The rewards program currently works with Visa, MasterCard and AMEX. We do not work with Discover or AMEX Corporate cards, so they cannot be registered with Spring. Additionally, debit cards must be swiped and signed for as a credit card – PIN debit transactions are not supported. We currently only work with cards that are issued by banks based in the U.S. and are paid in U.S. dollars. In the event we cannot work with a particular card at a particular business, we'll let you know on that merchant's page.

Are there any exclusions?

Some exclusions may apply in the following situations: businesses that do not accept credit/debit cards, purchases made through insurance, and other select instances may not be eligible.

My Account

Can I have multiple cards connected to my account?

Yes, we highly recommend that you do! Your whole family can use the same rewards program, earning rewards progress anytime a connected card is used to shop. While multiple cards can be connected to a single account, each individual using the rewards program platform may only have one registered account.

To connect a card to your account:

  • Go to Login and log in to your account
  • Select the "Manage Cards" tab
  • Select the "Add a Card" link and input your card information

Can I remove a card that is connected to my account?

Yes, to remove a card from your account:

  • Go to Login and log in to your account
  • Select the "Manage Cards" tab
  • Select the "View" button to the right of the card you want to remove
  • Select the "Delete Card" button at the bottom

How do I manage my email preferences?

To manage the emails you get from our rewards program, click on the email preferences in the bottom left of my account section. From here select your preferences and save changes.

How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account by first removing your connected cards and then selecting "Delete" under the "Profile" tab.


How do I earn and redeem Rewards?

You earn a Reward by reaching the program goal amount – this can be done in one visit or over multiple visits. After you reach the goal amount, a Reward Currency will be activated on your account and we'll notify you via email and SMS.

Your Reward Currency will appear in your account dashboard after you have earned it. You'll then be able to apply one or multiple rewards towards program-wide offers or to a specific program location.

As an example, if a rewards program is "Earn a $10 reward for every $250 you spend", $10 in Rewards Currency will be activated on your account after you reach the $250 goal. This $10 in currency can then be applied towards one $10 reward offer, or two $5 reward offers. You redeem the Offer by making a subsequent qualifying purchase at the program location you selected. Questions about the Reward Currency? See the "Cash" section below.

Spring, which powers this rewards program, will then issue a credit directly to the registered card you used for this transaction. Your cash back from Spring will show up on your card statement as a credit, and is usually issued within 3-4 days.

Automatic Redemption

For users in a program with automatic redemption, when a reward is earned, it will be activated as a reward offer on your account. Redeem your reward offer by making a subsequent qualifying transaction in the program with an enrolled card.

For a limited time, rewards are redeemed automatically for some users. We'll be transitioning our programs over to the Currency system through mid-October.


How do I activate and redeem offers?

Our cash back offers can be activated and linked to your account using the Cash on your account. We will also send Offers via email and SMS message. Activate the Offers we send to you with one click. We'll send you a confirmation email letting you know the Offer has been activated.

You can then redeem the Offer by making a qualifying transaction that exceeds the minimum purchase requirement and subject to any fine print and restrictions at the program location. Spring will then issue you a cash back credit for the Offer amount directly on the card you used for this transaction. Cash back credits are usually issued within 3-4 business days.


What is the Cash I see on my account?

It's a currency that can be used to activate exclusive Offers redeemable at locations in our rewards program. You earn this currency when you hit the rewards threshold amount for our program.

I have a Cash balance on my account, how does it work?

You'll see your balance when you are logged into your account. Use your Cash balance towards Offers. For example, if you have $20 to use, get $5 cash back at four different places, or $20 back at one. After you've applied your cash to an offer, the offer is linked to your card. You redeem the Offer by making a subsequent qualifying purchase at the program location you selected.

After I have applied my Cash to an offer, how do I know it is linked to my card?

You'll get a confirmation email when an offer has been linked to your card and account. You are able to view all linked offers under "My Account", listed in "My Offers".

I used my Cash on an Offer I no longer want, can I get my Cash back?

Sorry, at this time if you use your Cash on an Offer, you are unable to exchange it for another. You have 60 days to redeem the offer you selected.

I had Cash on my account, but it disappeared. What happened?

Cash does have an expiration date, just like our other Offers. When you have Cash, apply it to the Offer(s) of your choice within the expiration period. Once you apply your Cash you have 30-60 days to redeem the Offer.

I see an Offer has a bonus, how does that work?

Some Offers have a bonus amount of cash back, in addition to the amount of Cash you need to link the offer to your card and account. For example, if the Offer is labeled "$5, with a $15 Bonus." Your Cash balance will reduce by $5, but the value of the Offer is actually $20. You'll get an email confirming your $20 Offer when it is linked.


I made a transaction at rewards program participant with my connected card, but I did not receive a notification email and my rewards progress was not updated.

First, please make sure that you used a card that is connected to your rewards program account. If you recently received a new card, make sure that you have added it on your rewards program account.

After that, please email support@springrewards.com and provide a picture of your receipt or a screenshot of this transaction on your card statement that includes the last four digits of the card number you used. We will then be able to look into this further in order to apply this transaction to your account.

Note: It can take up to seven business days, depending on the bank, for this transaction to settle (no longer pending) on your card statement. We sometimes only receive the settlement transaction, so please let us know if the transaction does not show up on your rewards account once it has settled on your statement.

I redeemed an Offer or Reward at a rewards program business, but I have not received the cash back credit to my card yet.

First, please check the following:

  • The Offer or Reward you redeemed was claimed or activated on your account and it is not expired
  • The fine print and restrictions were met as part of your qualifying transaction that reached the minimum purchase requirement
  • Spring will issue the cash back credit to the connected card you used for the transaction that redeemed the Offer or Reward once this transaction has settled (no longer pending) on your statement. The credit will show up on your statement with "Spring Marketplace, Inc." as the name and can take 3-4 business days, depending on your bank.

If you have still not received the cash back credit after 3-4 business days, please contact us.

Fine Print: Offers and Rewards are valid for one time use on cards connected to the rewards program. Offers and Rewards cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. The minimum purchase requirement must be met on the goods or services (not including gratuity) in one transaction to redeem the Offer or Reward. Your party may only redeem one Offer or Reward per day.

Merchant Information

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Member Support

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Spring, our partner, which manages our rewards program, is available to help. Contact support@springrewards.com with any additional questions or feedback.

Every time you spend $250 from one purchase or several together, you earn $10 in Rewards Cash. Once earned, $10 in Rewards Cash will be added to your rewards account. You can then apply your Rewards Cash toward select offers at participating PREIT Malls. Redeem your offer on your next qualifying purchase at the place you select and the amount will be credited back on your enrolled card. Some exclusions may apply, see FAQ for details. This program caps your reward credit for any single purchase of $1,000 or more.

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